PMS system

On the other hand, there are also ways by which a PMS system can go beyond these accustomed basics and deliver a whole lot more in the process.

The Three Angles That Make (or Break) Hotel PMS Systems and Management Software

The hospitality industry is already facing enough challenges, and few are eager to add”find a good PMS system to the list.” With resources like Mingus Software, hotel and travel agencies of all sizes can find a fantastic and reputable source for the agency.

What should hotel management software? What makes one system better than another? It is not enough anymore to track basic metrics and offer a cozy portal. Systems need a little more impact on the employees. Hotel software is capable of becoming an intricate and involved backbone for a hotel provider.

Below are three angles that hotel software should apply to be worth the price of admission. Contact Mingus Software for details on any of these aspects of the system.

Service Support

The bets system could lack support and it would instantly fall out of the competition. Companies need to have a system service established to account for unexpected variables. Anyone who has worked in the industry long enough has run into one of these problems:

An update disrupts the system
An update changes features, layouts, and other aspects, and team members can’t figure out how to proceed or resolve an action
Another update creates a glitch or error
Data is lost or missing
The system freezes up entirely and needs firm rebooting or needs on-site support
The above issues have popped up everywhere, and hotels need instant service. A turnkey solution is not enough if it lacks follow-through support when the inevitable happens.


The system needs to be able to integrate with current systems in a way that does not disrupt the flow, glitch other modules, or overextend its reach. Hotels should be able to add software that can easily integrate with what is already in place referring to client data, customer requests, employee details, and more.

Comparative Reporting and Metric Tracking

The previous data should not be overturned or virtually “destroyed” in the process of integrating the new management system. But, another thing to remember is current tracking and future reporting. There needs to be an overview and dashboard system that can easily accommodate data-pulls. It can cover occupancy rate details and compare these results with past years.

A simple system of comparison will go a long way in not just tracking metrics, but allowing leaders to make decisions based on them. Hotel management systems should have at least these three pieces in place to keep the business competitive.